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Thanks for your interest. For general hummingbird questions and basic identification help, please refer to my books, the articles and posts under the Hummingbirds and News & Articles tabs at this site, hummingbird posts at my blog, and my Hummingbirds album and various galleries on Flickr. I welcome specific inquiries about:

  • A Field Guide to Hummingbirds of North America
  • my other writing and publishing projects
  • writing/publishing/photography proposals and manuscript review requests
  • presentations, workshops, tours, and other events
  • identifying challenging individual hummingbirds
  • out-of-range hummingbirds, including overwintering birds
  • possible/probable hybrid hummingbirds
  • observations of unusual hummingbird behaviors and plumages
  • best practices for feeding hummingbirds
  • consulting on hummingbird product development.

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